Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Life Update

Where do I start? This is not my normal fashion post, but I'm not sure what the normal is for my blog anymore! Since I have been MIA from most of social media and my blog for that matter, I thought I would share with you what has been happening in life lately. 

To say that this year has been a bumpy ride, is an understatement. It's funny to think about all of the plans YOU think you have for your life and the new year, and what GOD'S plans are. In January, I just knew that this was the year I would be able to put my all into my blog and youtube channel and see it grow and watch my dreams come true! I had all of these plans for it, I made lists of ideas, I had a calendar with planned posts and videos I wanted to record. For a while, it was looking good! Growth, lots of posts, and squeezing in videos when I could! 

In March Brian's grammy got sick and ended up passing away. She was such a firecracker and angel all in one body! In the middle of all of that, we decided it was a sellers market for real estate and we could potentially make a good amount of money off of our house, so we listed it. Most of you already know what happened next, but long story short, we had a family "buy" our house. They were the first and only people to look at it. They gave us full asking price, it sold in less than 48 hours. Thankfully we had already started looking for other houses and decided to build again, which had already been started. However our new house wasn't going to be finished until August. So we packed up our house, put it in storage and moved in with my in-laws. Two days before closing, we got a phone call that the family buying our house didn't fill out the proper paper work for their loan and closing would be pushed off a couple extra days. No big deal! Two weeks went by, and they ended up never being able to get approved. So now we have an empty house, that we are still paying a mortgage for, while living in a bedroom of my in-laws house. So we Re-list the house.

Now, while all of that is happening, my grandfather is getting more and more sick. He goes into hospice and ends up going to Heaven 2 weeks ago. He missed my grandmother so much and couldn't wait to get to heaven and see her. My grandparents lived on about 20 acres of land in Kings Mountain, with a horse and lots of up-keep. Instead of their house sitting empty, my family offered for Brian and I to live there while our house is being built. Such a blessing! So we packed up our things, again, and moved them to the farm. 

This brings me to today. Life on the farm is incredibly humbling. I walk outside every morning and feed the horse, I walk down to the lake and read a book. I can hear every little one of Gods creatures in the woods, scurrying about their day. There is no city noise, no cars, and guess what else there is NONE of? Wi-fi!! Zero, like it is non-existent. How in the world do I have a blog and record videos without any wi-fi?! As I write this, I'm sitting at the only little coffee shop in "down-town" which consist of one street with one restaurant, an antique shop, and this little coffee shop. 

Next week, I fly to Vegas for work and the week after that, Brian and I will be at the beach. Our house has still not sold and if it doesn't sell in the next couple of weeks, we are afraid we may not get our new house that is half way built. At this point it is all in Gods hands. I can not think about it or stress about it, because clearly none of my plans really matter. I'm not writing this to say I quit blogging because that is the furthest thing from the truth. I love my blog, it has been my favorite hobby and one that I refuse to give up. It may just look a little different for the next couple of months. If you made it to the end of this, bless you. I'm sorry its so long, but I had a lot to catch you up on!

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