Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eyes and Lips Makeup Routine

This is absolutely one of my favorite shoots I've ever done! Probably because I got to just wear my pajamas and let's face it, that is my absolute favorite outfit ever!! I'm going to break down, and link, all of the makeup I use on a daily basis, for my eyes and lips! If y'all would like for me to do a video of me actually applying my makeup, kind of like a tutorial, let me know!! 


I start off by applying either one of these to my eyes. I honestly go back and forth all the time. The Mary Kay gives a little bit of color and shimmer, so sometimes I just wear this. It's so easy and it will not budge!! So Urban Decay changed the packaging of their primer a couple of months ago, and it kinda (sorry for using this word) sucks now. I honestly think they will go back to how it was! But the old tube, is amazing and just evens out the eye area and helps your shadow to look more vibrant and stay all day without creasing!

This is hard to narrow down eyeshadows because I have so many amazing pallets! I will say that 90% of the time I use my Urban Decay Naked Pallet, and I use "Half Baked" and "Smog." Now that my half baked is almost gone I have been using this new Makeup Forever pallet and I love it! The pigment is beautiful and the shadows go on so smooth! 

EyelinerKat Von DMarc JacobsStila
If you want an amazing liquid eyeliner, Stila and Kat Von D are the best! They are so rich in color and easy to use, especially if you are trying to make a winged eyeliner look! If you want more of a pencil eyeliner, the Marc Jacobs Gel pencil is the BOMB.COM! Once it drys down, it will NOT budge!! The BEST!! 

MascaraDiorUrban DecayTarteToo Faced
These are all of my favorite mascara's! I honestly couldn't choose just one! I would say Too Faced and Tarte are probably my hands down favorites however! 


This is a list of my go-to lipsticks, lipgloss, etc.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cooling Down

Vest: Target, Jeans: AE, 
Bag: Kate Spade, Flats: Steve Madden,
Necklace: Pretty & Polished Btq
Bracelets: Target, Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Okay so I know it hasn't exactly "cooled down" but at least we are not sitting at 100 degrees anymore! I saw this vest at my local Target about a month ago and knew I had to have it! It was going to be one of my staple pieces for the season! I went back over the weekend to buy it, and there was not a single one left!!! The next day I drove to another Target and searched through EVERY rack in the women's department. Nothing. I'm not sure how it caught my eye, but the very last rack I went to, tucked in between other jackets and sweaters, there it was! The ONLY one and in my size! I may have had a tear come to my eye!! 

Anyway, I can't wait to style this vest with other things and actually be able to wear it when the weather does really cool down! I love the small pop of leopard and a bold lip to make this outfit just a little more edgy!! I hope y'all are having a great week! We have been gone so much this summer, that our house is just a T-Total wreck! I need about 3 days to just spend morning to night getting it clean again! We are thinking about turning our office into my beauty room, to record my youtube videos!! Any good interior designers out there, that want to help me decorate or give me ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!! Happy Hump Day Y'all!! 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Neutrals and a Top Knot

Dress: Target, Booties: Clarks,
Bag: Kate Spade, Jewelry: Kendra Scott

I hope y'all had a great weekend! I sure do need lots of coffee today! I'm sure y'all recognize this dress because I have worn it 100 times! But it's just the most comfortable shift dress and so easy to do so many different outfits with! I wore this outfit over the weekend to church, and I just love the simplicity of it! Plus, pairing my booties with it, makes me feel like we are getting closer to Fall! You could easily use this entire outfit as a transition into Fall by adding a scarf and jacket! 

Side note: Y'all know I LOVE my Kendra Scott pieces, but can't just afford to buy new pieces every week, so I found a solution! Rocksbox is an amazing website that offers the most beautiful pieces of quality jewelry in the same way as a burchbox! You pay $19.99 a month and they send you 3 new pieces in every rocksbox. You can send it back as many times as you want and they will send 3 more pieces! If you want to try it out FREE for a month, use code: jlodonohuexoxo 


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Staple Pieces for Fall

Staple Pieces for Fall

Topshop dressBar III green military jacketForever 21 clothingSteve Madden fringe ankle bootsSteve Madden peep toe bootieTory Burch mini crossbodyTopshop mirrored glassesLeith black floppy hatForever 21 bohemian hatBerry lipstick

I seriously can not wait for Fall!! I used to think summer was my favorite season, but as I've gotten older, Fall really is my favorite time of year! I love camping in the mountains, having bonfires, football season, picking apples, and I'm about to get really corny right now, but I just feel like Fall is so romantic! But my absolute favorite thing about it, is Fall fashion!! I mean, there really is nothing better!

I wanted to share with y'all what my go-to staples will be this year and all the beauty trends! If you do not have a "Berry" lip color, it is a must!! Bite, which happens to be one of my favorite brands, has an entire line out just for this fall trend! And if you have to pick one must have for your closet, buy the utility jacket!! They are going to be everywhere!!! Let me know what y'all are loving for Fall! Next week, I'll be back with lots of outfit post! Happy Hump Day!!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Face Makeup Routine

Face Makeup Routine

I know this is my first post in a long time, but I got to a point that I just needed a break from social media. It was starting to run my life and I hated that I felt like I was so attached to my phone and checking all my accounts. Not to mention we have had one of the busiest summers and been out of town a lot! So needless to say it was a great break but I'm back in full swing!

I get asked over and over again what my makeup routine is so I thought I would share with y'all what has worked for me all summer! I seriously feel like my makeup has never looked better and it's super easy and lightweight!!

Step 1- Foundation. I have told yall this is my last video, but I have never been a big Bare Minerals person. That was until they came out with complexion rescue! Ever since I have started using this foundation, I get asked daily what my foundation is! It just evens out, smooths, and leaves your skin radiant! And the best part is that your skin still looks like skin and it's super breathable! If I have an event or I need a little more coverage, I have been using the new Ultra HD from Makeup Forever! The new formula is a little more hydrating and really gives a flawless finish!!

Step 2- Concealer. Kat Von D's makeup is wayyyyyy too heavy for me, but her concealer is awesome!! I use just a tiny bit right under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and back up to the corner of my eye. So basically like a triangle under your eyes to brighten that area! Another option that I think is amazing and a little lighter of a formula is the new Urban Decay concealer!! The coverage is out of this world!!

Step 3- Setting powder. There is just no other comparison to Makeup Forever HD setting powder. I have tried many others and they just don't live up to this one. It's so silky and smooth, helps to blur out imperfections and pores, helps with oil production and the best part is that its translucent so it's not adding any more coverage to cake down your face!

Step 4- Bronzer. There are so many amazing bronzers, I just happen to be using Too Faced Sun Bunny right now! I love that it gives a little bit of a shimmering effect. I'm kinda over contouring and more in love with highlighting and making your skin radiant and glowy! So really I just use my bronzer to give my face a little warmth!

Step 5- Blush. This blush is called "celebrated" by Tarte! I LOVE it!! It's so natural and gives just the right amount of color!

Step 6- Highlight. This is my FAVORITE part of my makeup routine! And I am not ashamed to tell you YAAAASSSSSS #highlightonfleak (insert 3 snaps)!!!!!! Seriously Jaclyn Hill and Becca's champagne pop highlight is EVERYTHING!! It's sold out everywhere so try the shade "Opal" it's just as amazing!! But I never knew what a difference using a really good highlighter could do! I'm not joking when I tell y'all, I have never had so many compliments on my makeup and it is all due to this highlighter!!!

Sorry if you fell asleep half way through this, it was long!!  Happy Monday!!!

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