Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Take me to the Tropics

Take me to the Tropics

Happy Humpday y'all! It may be a dreary, rainy wednesday here in NC but I'm day dreaming about being somewhere warm and tropical!! I met a lady yesterday at Sephora who literally sold her home, left corporate america, and moved to the virgin islands! I was like, "WOW you are so lucky!!" She said, "Anyone can do it, you just have to do it! Don't wait on something to make you happy, live life doing what you love!" Y'all I just can't stop thinking about this woman! Why do we feel like we have to have a job that we may or may not like, and do the same routine thing week after week, just to pay bills for things we probably do not "need" all the while, losing sight on what's really important in life! Whew! Anywho, speaking of those things I may not "need" I sure want all of these warm weather essentials, especially this Lily bag and Tory sandals!! Loves!


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