Monday, September 29, 2014

Jean Jacket and a Hat

Happy Monday to you! I am so sad this weekend is over. I had one of the best weekends, I have had in a while! Friday night Brian and I went out with all of his co-workers to a raw oyster bar in Charlotte and had a great time! However when we were leaving, I came out of the bathroom, having a total Beyonce moment, wind blowing in my hair, outfit on point, and right then and there, I face planted smack dab in the middle of this bar. Talk about the crickets you could hear from every single person immediately just going silent. And poor Brian, just stood there laughing so hard, he couldn't even ask me if I was okay. But you know what, I got right back up and acted like nothing happened and continued my Beyonce walk right on out of the door.

Anywho, this was the outfit I was wearing that night! I had so many compliments on this dress! I can't wait to style this dress with tights, boots and my black leather jacket once it gets a little cooler! And the best part is that I found this dress in Kohls last week for only $20!

Dress: Kohls, Jacket: Target,
Shoes: Steve Madden, Hat: Target,
Bag: Kate Spade Lipstick: Sephora Pantone

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Fall is finally here and boy does it feel like it outside today! I bring you this post from inside my local starbucks. The smell of the coffee, sitting by the window, and the gloomy cold weather outside are a perfect concoction for total bliss! Y'all are probably over hearing me talk about Fall, but I just can't help it! Fall is my favorite season, and for good reason! I can list over 100 things I love to do, or reasons why I love this season! So that's what today's post consist of! My bucket list for my absolute favorite things, I want to do this Fall!

 photo 11554868-6021-4cf8-88c8-a30f346a3cce_zpsfb0f1534.jpg

Stayed tuned for outfit post's coming soon!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Favorite Fall Booties

Favorite Fall Booties

Kristin Cavallari calf hair shoesSteve Madden taupe bootiesSole Society gray bootiesJustFabulous cutout shoesMossimo short leather boots,Wellington boots

I know y'all think I neglect my blog every couple of months, and I hate to admit that you're right! It's something I'm trying very hard to stop doing! Keeping this little hobby up, takes a lot of time! And when you have 5 different "hobbies" that you are trying to turn into "jobs" it's hard to keep up sometimes! But I am making a diligent promise to really start blogging more often!

I figured if this was my first post in a couple of weeks, it should be about something I love! Well here are two things that I absolutely love! Fall and shoes! To be more specific, ankle boots! There is just something about an ankle boots that is so sexy, chic, and stylish! I don't know a single boot that I ever could turn away from or a time that I put them on and didn't automatically feel more confident! They just take any ordinary outfit from boring to a head turner!! These are some of my favorite ankle boots for fall and they are all relatively inexpensive! In fact 2 pairs are from Target! But can we just take a second and admire these Kristen Cavallari Leopard Mule heels?! Oh my gosh, they are so chic!!

Stay tuned, I promise to be around more often!! 

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