Thursday, July 3, 2014

Calling All Decorators: Help Please!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, TOMORROW!!!! 3 day weekend, Hallelujah!!! Brian and I are going to sleep in, make breakfast, and get some things done around the house before we do any of that other 4th of July fun stuff! I have been trying to start decorating but I have to face the fact that I'm just not as creative as I wish I was. I can pick out really cute things, but it's putting it all together that I have trouble with. So I am sincerely asking for y'all's help. Tell me your ideas, opinion, and tips to make these two spots look better! I'm almost embarrassed to show you this, because it just looks so bare but here we go:

So this is in our living room. Originally we wanted to put the couch on that wall, but our couch is so long, it wouldn't line up with the picture directly in the center so it just looked weird. This wall is so big however, that this single picture just doesn't cut it. I need something else on this wall. What do I use?

Okay, so Brian got this piece of furniture (I don't know what to call it) at an estate sell for a great price! I wasn't sure how or where I wanted to use it at first but I do like it in the eating area of the kitchen. Now I'm just not sure how to decorate it. We want to paint the back panels of it and change all the hardware. I think I will use it as a bar/buffet type of thing. So, is it proper to show your glassware? What else do I need to make this look better? What do I put in the 4 little cubbies up top? 

Thank y'all so much!! Send me all your ideas!!


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