Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Story Behind Suubi Darlings

As most of you know, my good friend Kelly, and I have started a new boutique on Etsy, called Suubi Darlings. You can think of this blog post as the show, Behind the Music on VH1 or E! True Hollywood Story because its about to get real!

Almost 10 years ago, Kelly and I started working for a lady and her husband, Dr. and Mrs. Thomason. They hired us along with a couple of other people (Even Kelly's Hubby) to work for them, picking blueberries, planting flowers, wrapping Christmas gifts, running errands, cleaning her beach and mountain house's. You name it, we did it! It was the best job ever and we became instant friends! Fast forward 7 years, Kelly and I got married a week apart, both moved to different states shortly after and both moved back to NC around the same time 2 years later.

Kelly and her husband Ricky have been to Uganda two different times on mission trips and have met and become friends with a pastor and his wife and their children who live in Kampala, Uganda. Kelly saw these women in Uganda, poor with children and needing a way to provide. She also saw this beautiful jewelry that they would make but have no way of selling enough of it to really make a profit. When she came home she brought some of the pieces with her and found that people loved how unique and beautiful it was. She knew that if she could some how start a company here in America, selling this jewelry for these women, she would in turn be able to give back to these women in this community, where she left her heart, not once, but twice.

I on the other hand, have never met these women, and never been to Uganda, but I have a passion for helping others. I have a passion for seeing other women succeed in life, start businesses where they can stay home with their children, and be able to do exactly what they love! I love all things beauty, fashion, and blogging but I know that who someone is on the inside is what makes them beautiful!I too saw Kelly's beautiful jewelry and heard her story. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to have my own boutique. It has been on my heart hardcore for the past year or so, to just do it!

So after a few coffee dates and Target runs later, Kelly and I decided it was only right that we start this new adventure. We came up with the name Suubi Darlings because Suubi is the Ugandan word for Hope, that's what we are striving to give these women. And Darlings, well because were from the south. We want to make this a boutique where you can get fashion forward, unique, beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry, while giving back to a community that so desperately needs help. It is our goal to be able to eventually have a group of people living in Uganda, working first hand with these women, teaching them and helping them grow closer to God. We want to be able to spread love, hope, awareness all while giving God all the glory, because he is the one who truly deserves it. And that is the story behind Suubi!

You can visit our Etsy page Suubi Darlings
Or Follow us on Instagram @suubi_darlings


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