Friday, May 9, 2014

It's time for 5 on Friday!!

It's Friday y'all!! We made it to the weekend!! I'm linking up to do 5 on Friday today!!

1. House Update: Brian and I have FINALLY picked out our paint colors for our new house!!! We FINALLY have a closing date of June 19, and they are FINALLY starting to work on the inside! We have all of our crown molding up, the fireplace is in, and they are starting to paint all the walls!! You just have no idea how excited we are!! 
This is a terrible picture of the colors we choose!!
And this is an updated picture of our house!

2. Old Navy has the cutest pair of sandals for like less than $30! This is going to sound a little cray, but my mother-in-law has them, and every time she wears them, I swear they look sooooooo good!! I have to get these beauties!!!

3. I have been really into painting my nails lately! I used to hate it, because ain't nobody got time to sit and let them dry, but now that I work at Sephora, I've got plenty of time for that on my lunch break! These are some of my favorite colors!!

4. I love a good Margarita! It's my favorite drink, especially on a hot day in the middle of summer, sitting by the pool, listening to Country music!!! If y'all have a good recipe, please share! I want to try and make different flavors and concoctions!!

5. This number 5 is super exciting and close to my heart! It's been my big secret that I'm going to reveal very soon to all social media!! No I'm not preggers. I will say, that my very dear friend and I are starting a business that is going to be able to bless so many people and I couldn't be more excited!!!

Love y'all!! Have a great weekend!!!!


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