Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kissing Lips

Y'all I am so happy to be off work and going to the lake today! You have no idea how much I needed a day off! Although, my allergies are killing me and its hard to sleep when your throat is completely closed up and so is your nose! All of my other allergy sufferers out there know what I'm talking about! But even if I have a crusty nose, I have some super soft lips because I have been using these products lately! I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite lip products for soft, exfoliated, beautiful lips!

1. Sugar lip polish is an all natural, amazing lip exfoliate, to take away any dead skin and get your lips back to health!

2. Bite Agave lip mask is my JAM!!! Y'all its the best thing you will ever use in your entire life!! If you don't go buy one right now, you will miss out on the greatest joy of your entire being! Okay, not really, but its seriously that good. I put mine on before bed at night and wake up with the most incredible soft lips in the world! 

3. I love this MUFE transparent lip liner! You can use it with any lip stick color because its completely sheer, so instead of having 20 different lip liners, you just have one! Sephora brand has one too that's exactly the same thing but less expensive!

4. This Bite lipstick in "Rose" is one of my favorite lipsticks right now! Because it's made by Bite, its so nourishing for your lips and not to mention, it's the perfect pink nude I have ever worn!

5. Y'all I LOVE this Laura Mercier  lip stick in "Palm Beach." It's the most beautiful Coral! 


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