Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This might get a little mushy

Lately I feel like I have been working so much, and crazy hours at that, that I never get to see your spend time with Brian. Last week stunk to say the least and I just felt like something was off in my little world. I didn't have time to blog, I was easily annoyed, and I just missed my Bunkey (Side note to those who do not know, that's what B and I call each other). Sunday we went to church and had lunch and it was just so stinking beautiful outside, we let Daisy Mae run around and play, and then, I had to go to work. Insert annoyed face.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday I was off work and spent the day doing stuff I love. I woke up, spent time with Daisy, went to Starbucks, where I stayed for 3 hours doing blog stuff, went to Target, because let's face it, I do that almost everyday, and then came home, lounged on the couch for a while, cooked dinner, and waited for Bunk to get home! When he got home I was sooooooooo excited to see him! We had the best dinner, thanks to Pinterest, and decided to watch a movie. We had wine and snuggled and laughed and cried. Brian would be mad if he knew that I was telling you this, but I did see a tear in his eye. We were watching the Lucky One so it's kind of a tear jerker. He still has his man card. He even used his new drill last night. Probably to offset the tear, but still.

But now that you know every detail of my day yesterday, I just wanted to say, that I love my Bunkey so much, that sometimes I can't even deal. He is the sweetest, most kind person I have ever met. When I say my prayers everyday, I always thank God for his heart and for his gentle soul because he totally balances my crazy personality out. That big hug he gives me everyday when I get home, is what I look forward to most. And the fact that he always cleans our kitchen every night and is the worlds best vaccumer is just an added bonus! Sometimes I just don't know how I got so lucky.


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