Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday

Hey y'all!! Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with AprilChristinaNatasha, and Darci to do 5 on Friday!

1. I can not begin to tell y'all how happy I am to finally see some sunshine and warmer weather! It's time to break out our spring dresses and Jack Rodgers and put those boot and sweaters away! Speaking of Jack Rodgers, I am loving these new Jelly sandals. They have the cutest colors and are pretty affordable!

2. Brian and I have been talking lately about how much we miss Florida. I feel like the entire time we lived there, I only wanted to move back to NC so bad, that I didn't even appreciate what we had. Now that we have moved back, all we can think about is living there again! The sunshine, palm trees, ocean, shopping, salty air, restaurants right on the water, just having each other to our self! What were we thinking moving back to Gastonia?!!! Guess we can't put a stop to building our house now hahaha! We do love having our family and friend here but we sure do miss days like these:

3. Since I work in the mall, I find it very hard to walk past stores and not want to buy everything I see! Francescas is one of those stores and it happens to be located right beside Sephora! Yesterday they had a sign up that said, "Buy 1 necklace, get 1 for $5!" Y'all I was all over that like white on rice! I got these two beautiful necklaces that will be perfect for spring!

4. I have to work all weekend till very late at night and I am not looking forward to it. I really need to go ahead and win the lottery or just be a full time, stay at home blogger so I don't have to spend so much time away from Brian and Daisy. Insert sad face.

5. I hope you all have the best weekend! Go do something outside, sit on a patio, eat brunch, or go to the park! I need you to do all the things, I'll be daydreaming about while I'm inside Sephora slinging make-up!


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