Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Big Deal about Oils

Have y'all been hearing about the newest product in skin care?! Oils are everywhere and everyone wants them! Working at Sephora has exposed me to all kinds of amazing products and these by far are some of my favorites! 

There is a slight misconception about Oils. Most people with oily skin feel as if they can not use them, when in fact it is the complete opposite! Oils cancel out oils! It will actually clear up any acne or problem areas on your skin! And most people think that by using an oil as a moisturizer, it will leave their face looking like a pan after you fry bacon! That is not the case! This is not vegetable oil, it's Argan oil, and other natural oils!!

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil is amazing and one of our best sellers! She has created this cleanser that can be used everyday to take off makeup and any other skin impurities while leaving your face soft and hydrated. And the 100% Argan Oil light is my favorite product!!! This more lightweight version of the original was made so that you could use it to moisturize your face as many times during the day as you need! You can also use it on split ends, your cuticles, and any dry patches you have on your skin.  You can also wear it under your makeup as a primer and it's great for all skin types! I promise y'all are going to love oils! You have to give them a try! 


  1. I have heard so many good things about those oils and I've been thinking of trying the Josie Maran kind. However, I already own the Tarte oil. Do you think it works just as well?

    1. I LOVE Tarte products!! I think you can absolutely use it the same way, however it's going to be more like the Josie Maran original 100% Argan Oil, not the light version. So its just going to be a little heavier but still the same benefits!


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