Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Inspiration

Building a house can be a bit overwhelming! Having to wait till its finished to start buying anything is even harder. But we are defiantly starting to pick out color schemes and themes for how we want our house to look. Obviously you can see my vision in these pictures! I love and I mean LOVE the turquoise/light blue, coral, yellow, and white look! I think its just enough color but gives that peaceful feeling when you walk in. The hardest part for me is choosing where I want those pops of color and how to do it tastefully. If it were up to me the whole house would be a ton of color but I don't think Brian would be too happy with that. He is more on the "boring" side of things. Just kidding B! Thank goodness for my sweet mom! She has such a good eye for interior decorating and turning old pieces of furniture into beautiful pieces! One man's junk is her treasure and no matter how many times I have questioned her buying this "junk" it always turns out beautiful! Oh boy, I'm counting down the days, I mean months :(, till we get to move in!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. Love all of the color combos. I love mixtures of subtle colors. My room is grey and yellow and its so soothing to me .


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