Thursday, June 6, 2013

The most random post ever

Y'all I sure hope Noah comes and saves me with his big ark before I drown in this flood! Little miss Andrea, fancy pants, is not being too nice to us Floridians at the moment. To be exact, I sat in traffic for 40 minutes yesterday to go less than 5 miles, I haven't worn mascara in two days or fixed my hair, because frankly who wants to look pretty when its pouring outside?

Anywho, on to my life. So we move in exactly 1 week and I have 3 boxes packed. How terrible is that? Don't get me wrong, I cant wait to be in our new apartment but I'm just so over moving. We did it 3 times in the past year and it just sucks. There is no other word for it. Please don't think we are wierdys and just move a lot, they were all because we had to. Getting married, moving to Fl, then transferring to a 2 bedroom. But Point Blank, I have so much work to do! And don't let me forget about our bedroom suit that we are re-doing. We still have that to paint also! I cant wait to do a post on before and after pictures! The one piece we have done, looks awesome!

I saw on twitter today that MTV will be re-airing Laguna Beach and The Hills this summer!! Best News ever!!!

I told y'all this is random. But you know when you find a new song that you love so much and you cant stop playing it?! That's how I feel about Florida Georgia Line's song called "Round Here." Amazeballs! Hands down best song for summer! If you haven't heard it, go listen to it right now! On repeat.

So last night was the CMT Music Awards and I have to say that Taylor Swift is really stepping her game up! She has been dressing a little more sexy and really giving great performances. I'm no huge fan but I'm starting to like her a little more! Work it sister!

And I'm done. Totally Random.



  1. Hi, my name is Brittany Bubaker and I just want to say that I love your blog sooo much! You inspire me to want to make my own. :)

  2. This post just made my life!! Florida Georgia line are amazing and the hills and laguna will always be one of my favorite!! it came out when i was in 7th grade and i feel like it was just yesterday! i just got back from florida and the weather sucked!! rained everyday but we still had a good time! good luck moving!!

    1. I feel the same way about Laguna!! It seems like it was seriously yesterday! I cant believe it has been so long! And girl it has rained here everyday for the past 8 days straight...Its depressing!

  3. I still think LC had/has the best hair ever!!! I used to watch those shows sometimes in college.

    1. Omg I totally agree with you. What I would give to have her hair!


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