Thursday, June 27, 2013

New ULTA Finds

I have really been wanting a cleanser for make-up brushes for along time now. It seems like almost every other day I see another blog post on different ones that people like or home aid cleansers that work well. With me starting school and not working, our budget has been basically cut in half so I knew that I couldn't spend alot of money on one at like MAC or something like that. So I either needed to make a home aid remedy or find a cleanser for cheep!

This brings me to ULTA. I was bored sitting at home last week and decided I could spend my time wisely wandering around ULTA. While I was there I decided it would be a good idea to ask someone who worked there about different cleansers for make-up brushes. The guy told me that he actually liked the ULTA brand best and that it was only $10!! I was sceptical thinking that of course he is going to tell me that he likes their brand best, but at $10 I figured I would give it a try. Y'all I LOVE it!! You have no idea how bad my brushes were. They needed to be cleaned a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago and to see how clean they are and how easy all that build up came off was amazing!! I highly recommend this cleanser!

While I was in their I also found the the super blender sponge! The same EXACT one that Sephora sells for over $20 and it was only $3.99! I about died!! If you don't know about this sponge, it is supposed to blend your make-up like no other. Alot of people stopped using brushes because they like the sponge better. I have also read that you can even put a little water on it to give an even smoother finish, however I do think it looks great by using water, but it thins the foundation so you end up using more. It will just make you go through your foundation faster. After trying it, I really like the sponge. I think it does its job by making it very easy to get around the creases of your nose and blending everything together amazingly! So if you want to get it, go to ULTA! You will save so much money on the exact same product!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. OMG I have been wanting that blender but refused to pay $20 for a dang sponge! Thank you so much for mentioning that!

    1. Awww yahh! I know, when I found it, I was sooooo excited!! I couldn't believe it was the EXACT same thing!

  2. I have always wanted a blender but im scared it wont work for me but for four dollars who can go wrong


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