Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm still alive!

Hey strangers! I have been so sad the past week not being able to post anything! Our computer stopped working and I don't work anymore (hallelujah) so I haven't had access to do a post! Then a light bulb just went off in my head, and I thought I bet there is an app for blogger and guess what?! There is!

So recap on what's been going on. We moved into our beautiful new apartment last week and we couldn't be happier! B and I feel like we live at a resort and are on permanent vacation! Speaking of vacation, today is my last day of it! I start school tomorrow and to say that I am excited is an understatement!!! My mom and sister are here in FL for the week visiting us and I think it's so cool that my mom will be here for my first day of school like I'm still in high school or something! She may even pack my lunch for me tomorrow! How special?!?! 

Anywho I have lots of stuff that I want to do posts on but this is all for now. Here are some insta pics! 
In love with my new kitchen! Holy smokes there is so much counter and cabinet space!! 

Cucumber jalapeƱo margs! Yummy!!

View from our balcony

Got my hur did!!



  1. Looks like a beautiful new place! Congrats! And your hair look great, too!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm going to have to stop by your blog!

  2. beautiful hair, beautiful kitchen and a blogger app, whaaaaat?! def going to have to check it out :)

    1. Yes! You have to get the app! It's so convenient! And thank you very much!!!

  3. Looking and Good luck on your 1st Day!!


  4. First off your hair look FABULOUS!!! i love everything about it!! second that kitchen is amazing!! i can only imagine that you have been super busy lately!!
    Hope you had a great first day i cant wait to hear about it!!

  5. Love your hair!! Looks good! You're too cute! Read where you were born & raised in NC! That's where I live!


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