Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Celeb Gossip

Okay so y'all know I love some celebrity gossip! I look at people.com at least 4 times a day and watch way too much reality t.v and E! News. So I feel the need to share with y'all some of my opinions and feelings on what's been going on lately.

Obviously lets start with Kimye. Weird that it comes out like 3 days before Kim gives birth to North (ill touch on that in a sec) that Kanye has been cheating on her!?! I didn't really believe it till I watched the Wendy Williams show and she convinced me that it's true! And I don't know why, but some small part of me felt so bad for her! Then they pooped out this child and named her North. Now this just pissed me off. How in Gods name could you do that to your child?! I think Nori is cute if that's what they are goin to call her but that doesn't make up for the fact that her real name is North. Then Kanye comes out with his new record called Yezus. Baby you ain't Jesus so stop thinking that you are this greater power. You have never walked on water or turned water into wine so until that happens you need to check yo self! 
Train wreck that I can't stop watching.

Now on to one of my favorite southern women this side of the Mason Dixon, Paula Deen. Can y'all believe food network canceled her show?!! As an avid food network watcher, I feel as if they are making a huge mistake! Who doesn't want to invite Paula into their home night after night to show them how cooking with butter is the right and only way to go! I know I sure do! She is a woman after my own heart. That southern drawl, big hair, obnoxious laugh, and fried everything! She is such a staple in the food industry and I don't see how this could benefit food network In any way. 

And lastly we have to discuss the bachelorette. Poor Des, these men are either snakes, crazy, or weirdly sensitive. The only one I really like is Brooks. I think they are Presh together! Last night I thought we were sitting in on a court case watching Michael prosecute Ben! It was awkward even for me so I can't imagine how Des felt! Don't get me wrong I think Michael was doing the right thing but good gosh! All I'm saying is if I need a lawyer, I'm calling him! 

P.S. Today was amazing!! I had so much fun at school and I know that I'm doing the right thing! 


  1. I can't stand Kim or Kanye, so as much as I want to feel sorry for her, I can't.

    Such a mistake naming her kid North.

    1. Girl I cant stand Kanye! He makes me sick and as much as I want to dislike Kim, I cant stop watching their show. Its a bad habit! But naming their child North is just the worst thing!


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