Sunday, June 30, 2013

Everyone else is doing it

So since everyone else is blowing up your blog feed about switching to bloglovin I guess I'll do the same! As of tomorrow google reader will no longer exist so hop on over to bloglovin and follow me that way! The link is on my page! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!
          Grab a drink and stay a while!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New ULTA Finds

I have really been wanting a cleanser for make-up brushes for along time now. It seems like almost every other day I see another blog post on different ones that people like or home aid cleansers that work well. With me starting school and not working, our budget has been basically cut in half so I knew that I couldn't spend alot of money on one at like MAC or something like that. So I either needed to make a home aid remedy or find a cleanser for cheep!

This brings me to ULTA. I was bored sitting at home last week and decided I could spend my time wisely wandering around ULTA. While I was there I decided it would be a good idea to ask someone who worked there about different cleansers for make-up brushes. The guy told me that he actually liked the ULTA brand best and that it was only $10!! I was sceptical thinking that of course he is going to tell me that he likes their brand best, but at $10 I figured I would give it a try. Y'all I LOVE it!! You have no idea how bad my brushes were. They needed to be cleaned a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago and to see how clean they are and how easy all that build up came off was amazing!! I highly recommend this cleanser!

While I was in their I also found the the super blender sponge! The same EXACT one that Sephora sells for over $20 and it was only $3.99! I about died!! If you don't know about this sponge, it is supposed to blend your make-up like no other. Alot of people stopped using brushes because they like the sponge better. I have also read that you can even put a little water on it to give an even smoother finish, however I do think it looks great by using water, but it thins the foundation so you end up using more. It will just make you go through your foundation faster. After trying it, I really like the sponge. I think it does its job by making it very easy to get around the creases of your nose and blending everything together amazingly! So if you want to get it, go to ULTA! You will save so much money on the exact same product!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Celeb Gossip

Okay so y'all know I love some celebrity gossip! I look at at least 4 times a day and watch way too much reality t.v and E! News. So I feel the need to share with y'all some of my opinions and feelings on what's been going on lately.

Obviously lets start with Kimye. Weird that it comes out like 3 days before Kim gives birth to North (ill touch on that in a sec) that Kanye has been cheating on her!?! I didn't really believe it till I watched the Wendy Williams show and she convinced me that it's true! And I don't know why, but some small part of me felt so bad for her! Then they pooped out this child and named her North. Now this just pissed me off. How in Gods name could you do that to your child?! I think Nori is cute if that's what they are goin to call her but that doesn't make up for the fact that her real name is North. Then Kanye comes out with his new record called Yezus. Baby you ain't Jesus so stop thinking that you are this greater power. You have never walked on water or turned water into wine so until that happens you need to check yo self! 
Train wreck that I can't stop watching.

Now on to one of my favorite southern women this side of the Mason Dixon, Paula Deen. Can y'all believe food network canceled her show?!! As an avid food network watcher, I feel as if they are making a huge mistake! Who doesn't want to invite Paula into their home night after night to show them how cooking with butter is the right and only way to go! I know I sure do! She is a woman after my own heart. That southern drawl, big hair, obnoxious laugh, and fried everything! She is such a staple in the food industry and I don't see how this could benefit food network In any way. 

And lastly we have to discuss the bachelorette. Poor Des, these men are either snakes, crazy, or weirdly sensitive. The only one I really like is Brooks. I think they are Presh together! Last night I thought we were sitting in on a court case watching Michael prosecute Ben! It was awkward even for me so I can't imagine how Des felt! Don't get me wrong I think Michael was doing the right thing but good gosh! All I'm saying is if I need a lawyer, I'm calling him! 

P.S. Today was amazing!! I had so much fun at school and I know that I'm doing the right thing! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm still alive!

Hey strangers! I have been so sad the past week not being able to post anything! Our computer stopped working and I don't work anymore (hallelujah) so I haven't had access to do a post! Then a light bulb just went off in my head, and I thought I bet there is an app for blogger and guess what?! There is!

So recap on what's been going on. We moved into our beautiful new apartment last week and we couldn't be happier! B and I feel like we live at a resort and are on permanent vacation! Speaking of vacation, today is my last day of it! I start school tomorrow and to say that I am excited is an understatement!!! My mom and sister are here in FL for the week visiting us and I think it's so cool that my mom will be here for my first day of school like I'm still in high school or something! She may even pack my lunch for me tomorrow! How special?!?! 

Anywho I have lots of stuff that I want to do posts on but this is all for now. Here are some insta pics! 
In love with my new kitchen! Holy smokes there is so much counter and cabinet space!! 

Cucumber jalapeƱo margs! Yummy!!

View from our balcony

Got my hur did!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Please excuse me while I vent...

I love my husband,
I love my husband,
I love my husband.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.

So we are moving tomorrow and I am the only one who has packed anything. All 20 boxes that are sitting in the middle of our living room, yep all me. I get that he is painting our furniture, but really how long does that take.

Let me rewind.

We decided to re-do our furniture instead of by a new suit. We choose to use the Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I heard so many good things about. My mom was raving at how spectacular it is. You don't have to sand or prime anything, just literally paint it on. So I found a little specialty paint store at the beach that sells it and bought a pint of paint for $35. Sooooo expensive. Little did I know that you had to buy the wax paint that goes on top. So that was another $26. But how in the hell do you put the wax on?
So back to why I love my husband so much. This past Saturday I had to work and B promised that he would pack boxes and get the furniture painted. I was already annoyed because we couldn't decide if we wanted to rent a U-Hal or not. He hadn't asked any of our friends to help us move and I have to work on our move-in date. So he prooommiisseedd that he would get so much done! When I got home at 5 that afternoon the only thing that was done was ONE, ONE dresser painted. No boxes packed and nothing else done. Side note: He is a perfectionist so I understand that it takes him longer to do things but good gosh all mighty, I could have painted our entire house in that time.
Now back to my love for Annie Sloan chalk paint. So last night we went to hobby lobby and found really cute knobs for the drawers and we went home so that we could start the wax process even though we really don't have time for that ish and needed to pack boxes. Upon opening the can we realize that its really wax. Like you can turn it upside down and nothing falls out. And the directions say to use a cloth or soft brush to apply. So we start off with a cloth and it starts leaving little fibers all over the dresser. Not going to work. So I call my mom thinking that she is the expert on this stuff, since she is  the one who recommended we use this, and she goes on to tell me that she has never really used it herself, only heard good things about it. Oh and that she hasn't bought it because of how expensive it is! WHAT?!?! Insert rage all over my face and steam coming out of my ears. So long story short, we just get out a new paint brush and slapped that wax on. This morning at work, I watched a Youtube video on how to actually apply the wax and we did not do it the right way. And you know what, I don't care. And if our computer worked I could have watched that video last night, but noooo it decided to crash on us and the speakers on my cell phone don't work.

Now to finish up and let you know how the rest of my night turned out, I didn't sleep. I was up all night tossing and turning until Brian finally went to the couch because he was about to murder me. I kept having night mares of this stupid chalk paint and our dressers not being finished. In my sleep my arms and legs were part of the dresser and they were not painted and I just kept trying to paint them. So from 4a.m. till 8a.m. this morning, I laid there wide awake....ticked off!

And this is how I'm getting through this day:
Whew! Thank you for letting me vent. It feels good to get this all off my chest!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The most random post ever

Y'all I sure hope Noah comes and saves me with his big ark before I drown in this flood! Little miss Andrea, fancy pants, is not being too nice to us Floridians at the moment. To be exact, I sat in traffic for 40 minutes yesterday to go less than 5 miles, I haven't worn mascara in two days or fixed my hair, because frankly who wants to look pretty when its pouring outside?

Anywho, on to my life. So we move in exactly 1 week and I have 3 boxes packed. How terrible is that? Don't get me wrong, I cant wait to be in our new apartment but I'm just so over moving. We did it 3 times in the past year and it just sucks. There is no other word for it. Please don't think we are wierdys and just move a lot, they were all because we had to. Getting married, moving to Fl, then transferring to a 2 bedroom. But Point Blank, I have so much work to do! And don't let me forget about our bedroom suit that we are re-doing. We still have that to paint also! I cant wait to do a post on before and after pictures! The one piece we have done, looks awesome!

I saw on twitter today that MTV will be re-airing Laguna Beach and The Hills this summer!! Best News ever!!!

I told y'all this is random. But you know when you find a new song that you love so much and you cant stop playing it?! That's how I feel about Florida Georgia Line's song called "Round Here." Amazeballs! Hands down best song for summer! If you haven't heard it, go listen to it right now! On repeat.

So last night was the CMT Music Awards and I have to say that Taylor Swift is really stepping her game up! She has been dressing a little more sexy and really giving great performances. I'm no huge fan but I'm starting to like her a little more! Work it sister!

And I'm done. Totally Random.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We are half way through the week and just FYI, I only have 9 more days of work left! I am actually going to sign my paper work and make Cosmetology school official tonight!!! So exciting!
So I am linking up to do Oh So Pinteresting today! It's just a little recap of what I have been pinning lately.
I want this Marley Lilly monogram link bracelet! I have to have it!
One day I will have a beautiful Beach house just like this with all these windows!!
How adorable, chic, and so simple is this outfit?!
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