Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Im pinning and getting real

Today is such a nasty day here in the sunshine state. When I say nasty, I mean GROSS. Like I have soaking wet pants legs and super cold feet and nasty damp hair. It's bad. But that's not what today's post is about. I wanted to do a post about what I have been pinning lately and why. I don't get on Pinterest near as much as I use to but the Bunks are trying to do a few home improvement projects and I needed to get inspired.

As you all know by now we are moving to a much nicer apartment and with that comes more money for rent each month. So to save some money, we are re-doing our bedroom furniture instead of buying a new suit. We are using Brian's furniture he has had for 20 years. Its very nice but needs to be wayyyyyyyyyyy updated! We are sanding it and then going to paint it a fun color. That's the hardest part however, because I cant figure out what color to do! I found this picture on pinterest and I really love the color scheme for this entire room! I really want to try and figure out how I can work this into our furniture.

Next up is my lifestyle change. I do, and forever will, eat like a little kid. My favorite food is chicken fingers with fries and ranch and I have NEVER been to a restaurant and not ordered this. Yes I'm telling you the truth. However, now that I am getting older it has really started to affect me. I have put on so much weight, I feel so tired all the time, and I think I might die. Seriously though, I'm serious. Maybe not now, or in 5 years but I will. You see all of my family has high blood pressure and my paw-paw died after his 5th heart attack when he was only 57. So what I'm saying is, that I need to lock it up! I have put my foot down and I WILL make a lifestyle change. I WILL start eating my veggies and I WILL start exercising.

Y'all sometimes I feel like I need to wear my bra backwards. No joke.
I LOVE a simple classy outfit with a pop of color on the shoe! I am so into this right now. I think it makes such a great statement without being over the top. I have so many colored shoes that I can do this with!

Paradise- Light rum, Malibu, blue curacao, pineapple juice and grenadine..omg
Summer beer - 9 Coronas, 1 bottle of raspberry vodka, 1 can of raspberry limeade. Serve over ice Holy mother of yum

I need these in my life asap!



  1. Beautiful bedroom look...great inspiration for my own bedroom :) Love a pop of color shoe...my current fave being a pair of recently purchased pointy toe bright pink ones!


    1. I think so too!! I wish my bedroom looked just like this!

  2. I go through phases with Pinterest. Probably because once I get on it is sooo difficult to pull myself away! I love all the diy and home improvement ideas!

    1. Me too!! Now that we are moving I want to buy all new stuff and completely redecorate!!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog today - very cute! :)
    I love that bedroom! We are moving soon, too and will finally have a second bedroom but definitely will not be splurging on new furniture. I'm planning to use Annie Sloan's chalk paint to re-do ours. My mom has used it on a couple pieces and it is super easy to work with (distressed well and no primer needed) and it comes in lots of fun colors.

    Life with Elizabeth

    1. I got the Annie Sloan chalk paint! My mom used it too and told me it was fantastic!! So funny! I just got it so we will start painting tonight! I'm so excited to use it!


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