Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala Review

Hello Baby Angels! Todays post is all about the fashion from the Met Gala last night. Every year I look forward to seeing what all of the top A-list stars are going to show up wearing. This year was all about edgy, punk, studded rocker, over the top make-up, kind of fashion. I guess I get it, that's in style, but I didn't like it for the Met Gala. But that was their theme and they didn't ask me! The make-up looked like something out of a scary movie and it didn't feel elegant enough. Madonna looked homely, Nicole Richie died her hair grey silver, and Jennifer Goodwin looked like she had 2 black eyes. Oh wait she did and it was terrible!

But let me give a shout out to my girl JLO, not only because we have the same initials, but because she rocked it! Like straight up, KILLED IT! Dang girl, you look fine!

Her are some of my favorites:

And Then I don't even know what this is: Bad, no good, terrible, What were you thinking?
I like this dress but ummm, who told you to dye your hair. They are not your friend.

And I love this dress, but why did you choose that eye make-up? Ruined it!
All pictures courtesy of People.com


  1. I LOVE blakes dress!! it is amazing on her!! she is simple stunning!!

  2. Ok, Blake Lively is gorgeous! Ashley Greene, she is tiny but the dress swallows her! Also what is with Nicole Ricci's hair?

  3. I agree with everything you said and Madonna, she needs to over her shock value fashion. Its not shocking anymore, its just ugly.

  4. I have mixed feelings on Blake Lively! I have seen her in so much better but she did look pretty! I just wanted to see her in punk!


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