Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Warm Weather means Bright Colors

Hello beautiful people! I feel like I have been so busy lately going from Florida to North Carolina and I am here to tell you that I am SOOOOOO over that drive! It's exhausting! But we did have a great Easter with our family and friends! I miss being home so much, but I will say that today in FL, it is 85 degrees and sunny. There are people laying out by the pool and all the ice cream shops are booming!

Speaking of warmer weather, that's what my post is about today! All this sunshine really makes my whole life brighter! For some reason I can't stop buying bright pinks, turquoise, yellows, Corals and neon greens. No matter if it's shoes, clothes, eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polish, whatever! I literally just want to look like a ball of sunshine when I get ready every morning!

My favorite shoes right now!
From the Left: Aldo, BCBG, Target, H&M, Old Navy
Awesome Lipsticks for Summer:
Left- Avon "Poppy Love" Coral/Orange
Right- Maybelline "Eternal Rose" Bright Pink

Just a little peak at my closet. Please excuse what a clutter it is!



  1. yay helloo!! :) just came across your blog and & i am so happy I did!! I am a new blogger too! I love "meeting" other new bloggers so we can learn together!

    following you now!

    ps i have those old navy flats in hot pink & nude and I am obsessed with them! I love those blue ones too!

    1. You are so sweet! I still have so much to learn but it does help to have others that are learning with you! I love those old navy flats and I really wanted them in nude but they were sold out in my size :( I can't wait to check out your blog!!

  2. beautiful shoes! lovely colors. :)


  3. Ummmm I LOVE your shoes!!! I'm shoe-obsessed. Where are you in NC??


    1. Thank you!! I am from Gastonia, which is right outside Charlotte. I currently live in Jacksonville FL for the moment but I will be moving back home very soon!


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