Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Random thoughts of the Day

Today's post is about all the random thoughts I have going on in my head right now. Please don't judge!

 I need to pack, to go back to NC tomorrow.
 *Good thing I never un-packed from this past weekend

 I still need an Easter dress.
*Lucky me the Loft is having a 40% off sale for everything in their store right now!

 Brian needs to go to Walmart to get bullets for his new gun and then go 1/2 way across town to Dicks to get a case for it.
*Why can't he just get the dang bullets at Dick's?

 I really like this Sally Hansen Xtreme wear "Coral Reef" nail polish I'm wearing.
*It makes my hands look more tan.

 Marley Lilly has a new monogrammed mason jar with a lid and straw that I think will be perfect for summer time!
*Maybe that can be a birthday present?

 I would love some fried rice.
*Maybe in another life, I was Japan.

Why is it almost April and its sooooooooooo cold outside?
*Don't I live in FL?

What comes on t.v. tonight?
*Oh yea!!! Its Duck Dynasty night!!!!!!

This calls for celebration....
*I might make a cake! Rainbow Chip icing, fun fetti cake to be exact!

How cute are these mason jar mugs?! I have to have one!
Coral Reef nail polish


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