Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And the Bachelorette is...

So I will admit that I have not watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette since the very first season. I know, I know, shouldn't I have my lady card revoked or something? I just lost interest and couldn't get back into it.
Insert Sean Lowe. HELLO ladies! That man is so handsome, has great morals, and he's a southern boy! I mean talk about perfect! I seriously could go on and on. And no worries about my hubby, because he has sat by my side every Monday just as enthralled in the show as me! He is probably not going to be too happy that I'm telling you this, but he knows it's true!
As this season went on, I became in love with Desiree. She was just the sweetest thing ever! I cheered for her all the way through, till Sean sent her home. I swore after that, I would not finish watching the season because he didn't pick her. But really how could I have spent so much of my time watching and not finish? Come on Jess!
So when they announced that Des is the new bachelorette I was jumping for joy! You see, that's how they get you. You start watching because you like who they chose to be the bachelor/bachelorette. Then you fall in love with one of the contestants, then that contestant gets the boot but then comes back to be the next person and then on their season you fall in love with someone else and so on and so on! Geeze! But you can bet I will be watching this Beautiful girl with such a big heart and rooting for her all the way! Go Desiree!!!

Just a little Eye Candy for you ladies!! Your Welcome!


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