Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lips, Lashes, and Liner

My three favorite make-up necessities are Lip gloss, stick, balm etc. Eyeliner and Mascara! Even on a day that I don't really care about getting all dolled up, I still put these 3 things on. I have tried many different products and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Its kind of long...sorry :)

As far as mascara goes, I have literally tried more than I want to and I have finally found a couple that I really love! I naturally have really long eyelashes and I wanted something that would not only fan them out but help them look full.

Mary Kay's ultimate mascara is amazing! It gave my lashes so much volume! I really recommend that you find yourself a MK consultant and order this!

 Okay so you know when you want to get as deep in your lashes and as close to your eye lid as possible to get extra pop! Sephoras, "Lash Plumper" will help you with that! It really gives a dramatic look to your eyes.

This L'oreal False Fiber Lashes is AMAZING! Seriously it does everything! I am currently out or I would show you a picture of my lashes with this. But, I will do another post with them, as soon as I get some more! And its cheap!

This however is my lashes with the Mary Kay! Its so worth buying!



I have already told y'all how much I love this Sephora eyeliner but a couple of my other favorites included Lancome's, Le Crayon Khol and Loracs, Front of the Line Pro. Lorac's is more of a liquid eyeliner but the tip is perfect for application!
These lips are my go-to's! If I am just running out the door then I always put on my baby lips! It feels like satin and gives just a touch of color! The Lorac gloss is the PERFECT color of red and has just a touch of shimmer! This one is more for going out. I like the new crayon lip sticks. They are fun and great for on the go. My MAC plushglass is actually a lip plumper and gives them a tingling sensation! I love it! I put just a touch of this plumper over most lip sticks!

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