Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fruit Smoothies and Lemon Water

I made a promise to myself that this year, I would make over my life, Mind, Body, and Soul! I needed to make huge changes in my life pertaining to my health. I had become so unhealthy that it made the rest of my life unpleasant. I hated trying on clothes or getting ready to go out. And if you know me, you know I LOVE getting dressed up! I felt so self conscious in every aspect of my life and it was miserable. How had I went from one extreme to the other in just a matter of time?

Well now 2 months into this, I am feeling great! I haven't seen that much progress in my weight per say but my energy and my body feel amazing! The 2 most helpful things have been, fruit smoothies and Lemon water. I swear by them now! I used to drink like 3 Cokes a day. I replaced all of that with LOTS of water and tons of fresh squeezed lemon juice in it! I want to add cucumbers too! Water alone has just made me feel so cleansed! Its amazing! I am and will always be a meat and potatoes kind of girl. I was raised that way and I can't change it. There are very few fruits and veggies that I even like. However I  have made myself start eating them! A good way to get in all these good nutrients is by making a smoothie! Either for breakfast or at lunch I have started making these fruit smoothies and they are so yummy!!

My favorite smoothie although I want to experiment and try more is:

1 cup of ice
1 small banana
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of strawberries
A couple slices of an apple
Greek Yogurt
Almond Milk


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